Healthcare Providers Need to Practice Self-Care, now more than ever!

Likely, you became a healthcare provider to help others. We all have many memories of being part of someone’s last moments with their parent or child. Typically, self-care is stressed. If you’re lucky, there are office parties, lunches provide, appreciation weeks where cards are sent out. But now, during the COVID 19 Pandemic, more than ever we should all be taking steps to be mindful of our self-care daily. Every day we need to write it down and make it a priority. Not only to curve burnout but also to keep ourselves and our minds well.

In the midst of running to work, working twelve-hour shifts, showering multiple times and trying to maintain sleeping, eating, etc. all in a single day, it can be hard to prioritize yourself. However, often we forget, especially those who have dedicated our lives to others, to care for ourselves as well. If we are not caring for ourselves, we cannot be good social workers, nurses, hospitalists, and service providers. Take some time, some space, and some mental room and breathe. Be still. Go for a walk outside if you are able or spend some time mindfully playing with your children.

Most importantly, do not feel guilty about practicing self-care. It is okay to not feel good right now. It is okay to feel like you are failing at home and at work. It is good to have questions about the outcome, questions about humanity, questions about next week or even tomorrow.

Together, we will…but this weekend, take some time. Following are a list of things I personally enjoy doing that are also social distancing and quarantined acceptable. Planting and propagating. Painting. Reading research articles. Meditation. Puzzles. Writing myself letters to express my feelings and the world around me.

What are some things you enjoy doing that also fall in our current guidelines of social distancing and staying HOME?

Stay healthy

Traci Schank, MSW, LCSW

Published by Traci Schank LCSW Counseling

Counseling Specializing In: Perinatal Mood Disorder Postpartum Anxiety, Depression, and Psychosis Infant Mental Health Relationships Attachment and Bonding Prenatal Stress PTSD Child and Infant Development

3 thoughts on “Healthcare Providers Need to Practice Self-Care, now more than ever!

  1. Very well written and insightful. Thank you for reminding us in this crazy time to take a little time for ourselves.

    Much love!


  2. Great words Traci! Self-care is something I am also passionate about ❤️. Being in healthcare and on the front line has it’s challenges especially during an unprecedented pandemic. Checking in with one another and taking care of oneself is vital if we want to be effective in our personal and professional lives.


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