Perinatal Mood Disorder Snapshot

Statistically, 1 in 5-7 women get Perinatal Mood Disorder (postpartum depression). PMD causes many negative outcomes including preterm labor, low birth weight, insecure attachment…studies have shown impacts can last into adolescents. There is a positive correlation with maternal anxiety and depression and preeclampsia. Yet we are much more likely to only screen for preeclampsia prenatal. It is time to screen moms for PMD during their pregnancy!A4835043-AF5D-4248-8B64-919F4EB38E32

Published by Traci Schank LCSW Counseling

Counseling Specializing In: Perinatal Mood Disorder Postpartum Anxiety, Depression, and Psychosis Infant Mental Health Relationships Attachment and Bonding Prenatal Stress PTSD Child and Infant Development

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